Portable Digital Dissolved oxygen Conductivity TDS Salinity pH meter Tester

Alat uji kualitas air dengan parameter yang diukur pH, Cond. (Conductivity), Salinity, TDS, Temperature dan D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen). Aplikasi untuk industri, kolam ikan, limbah pabrik dan laboratorium.

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Water Quality Meter, also been called as Water Testing Device or Water Quality Testing Device, it’s the device that measure the value of pH, Cond. (Conductivity), Salinity, TDS and D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen) in liquid, which had been widely used by Aquaculture, Aquaponics or Fish Farm.


  • Large LCD with multiple parameters display simultaneously
  • pH, Conductivity or Salinity or TDS, Dissolved oxygen & Temperature
  • Handheld fashion housing with IP67 waterproof design
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Auto ranging for conductivity measurement
  • Multiple points calibration: 3 points for pH, 1point for D.O.,4 points for conductivity
  • Manually altitude/salinity compensation for D.O. measurement
  • 99 points memories w/ recall function
  • 1 hour auto power off

Specifications :

  • PH range/resolution:2.00-12.00/ resolution:0.01
  • PH accuracy:+/-0.1
  • Cond range:0-199.9,0-1999us/cm,0-19.99,0-150.0mS/cm
  • Cond. accuracy:+/-1%F,s+/-1digt
  • Cond resolution:0.1uS/cm, 1uS/cm. 0. 01mS/cm. 0.1mS/cm
  • TDS. Range ns:0-1999°1,0-1999·1ppm.0-19.99°.0-150.0ppt
  • TDS. Accuracy/res: +/-1%FS+/-1 digit; res: 0.1, 1ppm: 0.01, 0.1ppt
  • TDS Factor:0.30-1.00
  • Salinity range:0-10.00ppt: 0-42,ppt(SEA WATER)
  • Salinity accuracy/res:+/-1% F S+/-1 digit: res: 0.01 ppt. 0. 1ppt
  • D.O. range:0.0-199.9%(0.0-30.0mg/L)
  • D O. Accuracylres:+/-3% of F.S. +1 digit res: 0.1
  • Temp.range:-5~60,0°c
  • Temp. Accuracy/res:+/-0.5c:0.1
  • Compatible probe: PH probe, EC probe and D.O probe  Could be all used on one meter at the same time
  • LCD size(mm):32.5(H)X54(W)
  • Operating temp. &RH%:0-50°c   Humidity <B0%
  • Storage temp. &RH%:0~60°c      Humidity 90%

Dimension( mm):



4PCS AAA Batteries

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